100 Thoughts While Reading The Voting Game

Karina of Afire Pages started this thing called 100 Thoughts While Reading, and when I commented on her post 100 Thoughts While Reading The Belles, she suggested perhaps writing a 100 Thoughts While Reading post as well. I thought of doing one for The Voting Game, since I’m on the blog tour hosted by the lovely Shealea.

The Voting game - blog tour header

My actual review will be up soon, so I hope you stick around for that! The Voting Game was an awesome book, and you should definitely add it to your TBR.

Fair warning. This is somewhat spoilery content.


  1. What an interesting premise. Kinda like the Nosedive episode of Black Mirror.
  2. Although I suppose the author would have more to work with in a novel rather than in a thirty-minute episode.
  3. Oh, an involved father figure. That’s rare for YA, isn’t it? I mean usually, the dad’s dead. Or am I just thinking of Hunger Games?
  4. Yum. Blueberry pancakes.
  5. Some of the phrasing is a little weird…
  6. Why on earth does this take place in Milwaukee though? *googles where Milwaukee is* Huh, Wisconsin. I always thought Wisconsin was one of those square ones in the middle.
  7. *pulls up the author’s website* Oh, Milwaukee is where the author’s from. Okay, that makes sense.
  8. The author has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, what the hell.
  9. Okay Kate, get back to the book.
  10. Wasn’t Sylvan the name of one of Armi Millare’s cats?
  11. Are you supposed to use an apostrophe like that?
  12. The president sounds like he’s a vampire.
  13. Yeah, definitely a vampire. (Spoiler: He isn’t.)
  14. Daddy-o has a point.
  15. Okay, Darrius’s dad, we get it. Geez. This scene is giving me a heart attack.
  16. The bourgeoisie are scum. THE PROLETARIAT WILL RISE!
  17. The parallels to real-world class struggles are killing me.
  18. “I notice his arms are getting more toned.” Heh. *insert smirking emoji here*
  19. *Googles what H.O.R.S.E. is*
  20. BOYFRIENDS BEING SWEET! Okay, I am adopting these two as my sons and no one is ever allowed to hurt them. (In the distance, author cackles.)
  21. Of course your mother was murdered, dear.
  22. That’s some cool backstory there.
  24. Oh my God, that was totally a Shrek reference.
  25. “I thought everything changed, but the only thing that came out of that conversation was a stronger relationship with my child. All a father can hope for is that.” TEARED UP A LITTLE BIT HERE, NOT GONNA LIE.
  26. Boy does this family have really unhealthy eating habits.
  27. Hunter is like…the single whitest white boy name I have ever heard. Do parents really name their kids that? That’s right up there with Connor.
  28. Schools being a no-clicker zone make sense. I was actually wondering about that.
  29. Oh no.
  30. Oh no.
  31. This is it. The pain begins.
  32. Why can’t authors just let my children be happy? WHY?
  33. This homeless guy is gonna be important to the plot later on. Chekhov’s gun, for sure. Chekhov’s person? Is that such a thing? *pulls up TV Tropes*
  34. *loses half a day in reading the book because I’ve been sucked into the TV Tropes vortex*
  35. I am really liking Darrius’s dad as a character. For me, he’s representative of a lot of elements of society that see bad things going on, but put their heads down and walk away to keep themselves and their families safe.
  36. Jada is a painter. Interesting. I wonder if that’ll be relevant.
  38. Something bad is going to happen. These are two people in love who have just had an intimate moment and who openly profess love and affection for each other. Something bad is going to happen. This is the law of fiction.
  39. Yeah, no. This is the author lulling me into a false sense of security.
  41. Huh. I did not think about the applications of the clicker system in the service industry. I mean, there are already so many assholes out there who are rude and impatient with waiters, who don’t tip, who mess up the clothes on a rack because they know a saleslady can just put it back to rights.
  42. I’m so nervous about Jada getting her own clicker. I have a feeling she’ll be important in the next book.
  43. Oh, I was waiting for this. There’s always a scene like this in every book that has a gay main character.
  44. Darrius’s mother’s death is Significant, with a capital S. Or maybe she’s not dead?
  45. Oh, some guy with a score lower than 2.5 is getting taken away. Chekhov’s scene. Is there such a thing? *resists the urge to look through TV Tropes again*
  46. For real though. Someone’s gonna get taken away by the Bureau in a similar way.
  47. Oh.
  48. OH.
  49. OH HELL NO.
  51. Relax, Kate. Maybe it won’t be like this. Maybe you’re overreacting.
  52. Right. And authors don’t crush their characters and play with their readers’ feelings for a living.
  53. *turns the page with quite a bit of trepidation*
  54. “Move along, citizens!” Heh. Right out of 1984. Love it.
  55. I like Hunter’s taste in movies!
  56. Aw, Darrius has a buff boyfriend. So cute. *coos*
  57. Significant conversation happening between Darrius and Jacob. Conversation has a dark, deep tone and is taking place somewhere that would make for a good frame in a movie. It’s happening.
  58. OH MY GOD.
  59. NO.
  60. NO.
  61. NO.
  62. NO.
  63. NO.
  64. NO.
  65. NO.
  66. NO.
  67. NO.
  68. NO.
  69. NO.
  70. *calms self down and continues reading*
  71. Ugh, Mason. It took this tragedy for you to come to terms with Jacob being gay? Really?
  72. Of course the president is gay.
  73. You know, I never really thought about the implications of the clicker in a society that’s still homophobic (as evidenced by Mason’s behavior and the president trying to hide the fact that he was in a relationship with a man). So if you’re homophobic and you see two gay men holding hands in the street, you could like, rate them a 1 or 2? Yikes.
  74. Hmm. A plucky female reporter looking into the death of the main character’s mother. Something bad’s gonna happen to you, girl.
  75. NO WAIT. This is suspicious. Why would a reporter be able to look into the president’s travel logs? And how would she be able to find out that he’d administered a clicker personally? I hardly think the Bureau would keep that kind of information on file.
  76. *squints* I’m watching you.
  77. Ten o’clock is a late time to come home?
  78. Oh yeah, Kate. You’re not a teenager anymore.
  80. I have to say, Peter really knows when and how to deliver exposition. It doesn’t feel like a huge info dump.
  81. Oh that’s just rude, Darrius. There’s no need to bring up a lady’s age.
  82. A fake family photo, huh? The plot thickens.
  85. Oh, come on, Darrius’s mom. A gun? Really? You couldn’t have left behind a letter? A “How to Get Away from Dictatorial Government Goons” handbook?
  86. Whoop, there it is. Part two of the pain I was waiting for.
  88. Congratulations, moron, you just painted a huge target all over your friend. Nice job.
  89. HAH. I knew it. Chekhov’s homeless person saves the day.
  90. That…that I did not expect.
  91. This girl’s annoying.
  92. Come on, Darrius. Shoot her. Lmao.
  93. Interesting. Kinda like that one scene in Allegiant.
  94. Yup. Of course they were tailed.
  95. YUP.
  96. YUP.
  97. This is like the opening scene of Resident Evil 2.
  98. Oh…oh. So maybe I was wrong about Darrius’s mother still being alive.
  99. I told you, Darrius. Didn’t I tell ya? Big glaring red target on your friend.
  100. WAIT, WHAT?!?!?!

And that was 100 Thoughts While Reading The Voting Game! If you’d like to read it yourself and go through a similar exciting and gut-wrenching thought process, check out The Voting Game available on Amazon here, or enter the nifty giveaway. Participants of The Voting Game PH blog tour will be raffling off copies. One winner will receive a paperback copy of The Voting Game (US residents only), and 5 winners will receive a digital copy of the book (international residents). Click here to enter the raffle!

Review comes out in a hour, so check back for that!


Get to know the author, Peter Gulgowski!

Peter for Voting Game (3)

Peter Gulgowski was born and raised in a suburb in Wisconsin. He began writing at the age of fourteen during a study hall session in which he had already finished his homework. Several years later, his debut novel, The Government, would become published. Mr. Gulgowski remains a student, with hopes of becoming a full-time writer.

Inspired by authors such as J.K. Rowling, John Green, Veronica Roth, and so many others, Gulgowski hopes one day to join their ranks in inspiring the next generation of storytellers.

His latest novel, ‘The Voting Game’ became the #1 New Release in Teen & Young Adult LGBT Issues Fiction and is his fourth bestselling book. Currently, he is working on several new novels to be released later in 2018.

Website || Facebook || Goodreads || Instagram || Twitter || Youtube


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Let me know what you thought, or if you’re planning on reading this!


Never freeze,


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  1. Karina says:

    Aahhh I’ve been been wanting to watch Black Mirror. Friends have been recommending it! And it seems like you really enjoyed the book. That’s great! ❤ Also, I hope you had fun doing 100TWR. ❤

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