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The blogger:

From Manila, Philippines. Named Kate, currently drifting about semi-seamlessly in this messy, icky void we call life. Twenty-five. Proudly morena. A millennial “adult” moonlighting as a book blogger. Obsessed with fandom & shipping, sharks, dinosaurs, and outer space. Has mastered the fine art of reading while walking. Drives fast. Has no indoor voice. Likes traveling, hiking, and questioning the meaning of her existence. Gets into online fights about intersectional feminism, politics, and social justice.

The blog:

I make a concerted effort to read and review diverse books and own voices, but I won’t turn anything away if suggested or offered to me (especially if it’s free…hint, hint).

I’m not picky with genres, but my favorites are sci-fi, fantasy (especially urban fantasy), and contemporary/romance.

Occasionally I’ll stray away from the topic of books – usually to discuss serious issues like politics or social justice, or if I’ve traveled somewhere really nice and have a bunch of bookish photos from that place to show off – but that won’t be too often. If you want to listen to me rant about politics or check out more travel photos, come visit me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Links are below.

Photos are mine unless otherwise stated, and are taken with any of the following: iPhone 6, Huawei Nova 2i, or Fujifilm X-A10. Post-processing is usually done on Snapseed, Lightroom, or VSCO.

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