Rating System & Reviewing Policy

Rating System:

RATING - Five Stars

I. LOVED. IT. Utter perfection, or as close to it as humanly possible. If I read this on my Kindle App, I’d probably want to get a print copy. Absolutely would recommend to anyone who asks, and probably even those who don’t.

RATING - Four StarsHad a little something that just wasn’t exactly up to snuff, but still excellent! If I read this on my Kindle App, I’d probably get a print copy, but it wouldn’t be a priority. Would still recommend to lots of people.

RATING - Three StarsIt was all right, but it didn’t make me really feel things. If I read this on my Kindle App, I’d only get a print copy if the cover was pretty and if it wasn’t expensive. Would still recommend but only to a select group of people.

RATING - Two StarsReally pushed all the wrong buttons with me. Would not get a print copy. Would not recommend.

rating-one-stars.pngThere are approximately 1,013,900 words in the English language, but none of them could explain how much I want to set this book on fire and drop-kick it off a cliffside.


Reviewing Policy:

All reviews are my own opinions and are written as objectively as possible. They have nothing to do with the author personally. I’ve seen fights and drama of that sort on Goodreads and other blogs where authors accuse bloggers and reviewers of purposefully giving negative reviews, or otherwise insulting bloggers and reviewers whose opinion of their books was less-than-flattering. I don’t hold with that sort of thing, and anything like that will be swiftly dealt with. You ain’t been in an Internet fight until you’ve been in an Internet fight with a Filipina, I am warning you.

As a bisexual POC, I am particularly sensitive to racism and homophobia/transphobia/biphobia in literature, and call-outs will be part of my reviews if they are warranted. That said, if I deserve to be called out, do it. Being woke is a learning process, and no one is exempt from that.

I prefer print copies to e-copies, but will read both anyway. For e-copies, Kindle books are preferred.

My preferred genres are: sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, contemporary romance, new adult, young adult, and supernatural/paranormal.

Not exactly preferred, but I will review: historical fiction, political fiction, political non-fiction mystery/thriller.

Will not review: biography/autobiography, erotica, poetry, religion/spirituality.


In accordance with FTC guidelines for blogging and endorsements: All the books I review on this site have either been personally purchased, borrowed or secured through honest and legal means (specifically, through giveaways or provided directly by authors, publishers, publicists or third party sites in exchange for a completely honest opinion). Should a book be given free of charge, the information will be disclosed within the review of that particular book. I neither accept nor receive any kind of monetary compensation for publishing reviews online. Furthermore, the manner in which I receive the book will not influence how the book is discussed on my blog. All thoughts and opinions in my reviews and discussions are my own and subsequently do not reflect those of various publishers, authors, publicists, agents or any other group of people.